Fantastic MOOCs and where to find them

Fantastic MOOCs and where to find them

Are you taking advantage of MOOCs? Massive Open Online Courses can provide a wealth of information and training for your staff – and in many cases, they are totally free.

A MOOC is accessed through the internet and can host a variety of different learning resources, such as videos of lectures, guidebooks, mp3 files and or forums where users can ask questions and help each other. The internet is also home to a huge number of traditional courses that you and your team can use without cutting into your learning budget.

Dr Simon Hayward, CEO at Cirrus and author said this self-directed approach to learning is becoming more common.

“There is an inexorable drive towards more blended learning, using digital and virtual channels as well as face to face to deliver learning where and when it’s most needed,” he said. “There is also a drive towards more on the job learning, which is in line with the apprenticeships, to coach people to learn through doing, to reflect and learn how to improve, and to use collaboration across the organisation as a way to learn.

“We support both these trends as it makes learning more and more an integral part of the individual’s job and the team’s process, which helps to make it part of the culture. Key to this is a change in the mindset of leaders, to embrace learning as a key lever to drive agility and a differentiated customer experience.”

We have found the best MOOCs and online courses you could be using to augment your training programme at no cost today.

  • Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel
  • Provider: Microsoft

Almost every office job will involve the use of Excel’s versatile spreadsheets - but that blank white grid can look intimidating to first-time users. This free course will teach users how to perform data analysis using Excel’s most popular features, and create aggregate reports using formula based techniques.

  • Doing Business in Europe
  • Provider: Coursera

How well do you know Europe? If your firm regularly does businesses with our continental cousins, then this course is for you.  Featuring a dozen contributions from academics in various domains of management, including marketing, supply chain, finance, human resources management or strategy, this MOOC will help your team enrich their knowledge and business competences within the European context.

  • Working in Teams: A Practical Guide
  • Provider: UQx

We all know teamwork makes the dream work, but what makes an effective team? This four-week course explores why teams are important, the roles of individuals in a team, systems and processes for effective teamwork and communication, and methods for addressing conflict.

  • Unconscious Bias: From Awareness to Action
  • Provider: CatalystX

Everybody has unconscious biases, but when your hiring managers are making decisions based on theirs, you could be missing out on top talent. This short course only takes up to two hours, but covers how to move from awareness to action to leverage the full potential of diverse teams and colleagues in the workplace.

  • Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving
  • Provider: RITx

The most successful professionals can assess their environment, analyse a situation and design a solution – wouldn’t it be great if all your employees could learn how to do this? In this programme, Mike Johansson, Senior Lecturer at the School of Communication at Rochester Institute of Technology, discusses how to use adaptive problem-solving to help your business.

  • Developing your skills as an HR professional
  • Provider: The Open University

When looking at free courses for your team, make sure you aren’t neglecting your own skills. This nine-hour advanced course covers self-management and wellbeing, managing your stress levels and using reflection to improve performance – all essential skills HR professionals need to be experts in.

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