How to become a destination employer

How to become a destination employer

More businesses are seeing the commercial potential of becoming destination employers, or employers of choice, for top talent.

With lists coming out every year, providing recognition for organisations who care about their staff, such as The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies or a Glassdoor reveal naming the top 10 companies based on reviews, employee experience is paramount.

Tony Gale, HR solutions expert at the Access Group, explains that for businesses to achieve this status, they must harness the expertise of their HR teams. He tells HR Grapevine: “As workplaces become more employee-centric, and technology provides data-driven insights into people’s changing expectations, HR professionals have been handed a new opportunity to shape the direction of the company and contribute to its growth. Now, more than ever, they can move up the organisational structure, increasing both their influence and credibility as a department.”

He says that it all comes down to building a platform that can effectively attract, engage and retain a diverse and demanding workforce, as well as improving engagement and performance.

Compensation and benefits are one way to motivate staff, but employers now need to find out what people truly find meaningful, Gale adds. “Whether it’s through surveys, appraisals or one-to-ones, HR departments can uncover what motivates and frustrates people and use this to develop their practices and their businesses’ future,” he explains.

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It means too that HR can no longer be considered in isolation, away from the wider functions of the business. For example, in recruitment, “teams must think more like marketers, making sure they present a positive image of the company and give a great experience in every interaction, to help attract top candidates.

“Social media and positive press stories can set employers apart from competitors, providing them with the exposure and industry authority to build a talent pipeline to fill vacancies and grow workforces. New approaches like this aren’t as widely adopted in business as you may think, and so offer opportunity.”

Clearly, the employee experience matters – but rather than making sweeping changes, businesses can benefit from a measured, nuanced approach that addresses individuals’ needs. For more information on becoming a destination employer, download Access Group’s new guide.

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