Top 10 most recommended employers of 2017

Top 10 most recommended employers of 2017

Despite a number of technology firms being embroiled in HR scandals recently - both Facebook and Google have been facing difficulties combatting hate speech,– technology firms have taken the top spots of Glassdoor’s 2017 list of the most recommended UK employers.

In fact, Facebook scored the highest place, with 90% of employees at the social media giant stating they would recommend the company to a friend. Closely following Facebook, was computing firm, Arm, based in Cambridge. Google, Microsoft and Expedia also made it to the top ten.

Fiona Mullan, International Vice President for HR at Facebook, said the company was “delighted” to be named the most recommended employer. “It is a result that is even more meaningful as it is based on employee feedback,” she added.

Glassdoor collated the list using voluntary feedback from former and current staff members, who reviewed and rated the companies they work for over the past year. Although the cultures at certain tech firms may need attention, employee recommendations are likely to win talent, as recruitment becomes increasingly transparent. Experts are urging companies to make employee experience a business priority.

David Whitby, UK country manager at Glassdoor, said a rating based on friends’ recommendations “can make a big difference to recruiting” candidates. “You wouldn’t eat in a poorly rated restaurant or stay in a hotel that didn’t have good customer feedback, so why apply for a job at a company that isn’t strongly recommended by the people that already work there?” he said.

Compounding this, is research from Alexander Mann, which found one in four jobseekers will cut ties with brands following a bad job application experience, and one in five will actually go as far as to stop buying from a brand completely as a consequence.

Izabella Jagiello, Head of Background Checking at Experian, tells us that it’s not just marketing that affects your customers. Recruitment can also “impact how the brand is perceived by those who get to look ‘behind the curtain’, and therefore can see if your brand value matches their experience.”

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