7 ways your office job is damaging your health

7 ways your office job is damaging your health

The office isn’t an environment that most employees equate with danger.

In fact, the repetitive strain injuries risked by typing too strenuously and clicking one’s mouse too vigorously have become unsympathetically typecast as the go-to refuge of too-frail types or the I’ll-take-any-excuse-not-to-work types.

Those who preach about the dangers of the office often cause colleagues to mutter something about “so and so being a jobsworth” in their all-too-ardent hunt for the stray wire that could cause a building to explode or the incorrectly piled paper-stack that could accelerate the end of the world.

However, whilst the office space doesn’t pose too many acute dangers – just don’t tell that to the Health and Safety Rep – there are a slew of slowly-creeping threats that endanger employees.

The soft-hum of the air regurgitating unit, as it exhales a slow-descending blanket of bacteria, microbes and germs – those same germs that gave sweaty, cola-slurping Carl from IT bronchitis for a week – is the barely audible warning that, inescapably, your office will make you ill.

Whilst that all-too comfortable desk chair, positioned perfectly so you don’t have to strain too much to reach your pile of brioche and biscuits, is a cardiovascular time bomb that, one day, might go off.

Not to mention the birthdays. The never-stopping merry-go-round of celebrations of age that mean we all have to gorge on a pile of sweeties, crisps, pastries and popcorn until our trousers struggle to take our weight.

All of these normal office habits that might start us worrying about our work-life habits.

Business Insider recently collated a list of dangers the office life poses.

Click next to find out seven of the worst.

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