The 10 worst jobs in the world

The 10 worst jobs in the world

Every job has aspects of it that are less appealing to us, in one way or another. Maybe your less of a public speaker and abhor the idea of presentations, or maybe you hate being stuck in an office and would rather be roaming the world outside.

The point is that whilst we’re not expected to adore every aspect of our careers, we should be finding more positive points than negative ones.

Alice Leguay, Co-Founder & COO at, explained the issue of being disenchanted with your career: “Boredom at work is a key issue for firms trying to keep Millennials engaged, especially in traditional industries, such as accounting and legal jobs, which can be perceived as dull, while employers attempt to give young employees the satisfaction of making an impact in their work life in order to prevent them from moving on too swiftly.

“Without an inspirational leadership figure, or an exciting professional challenge to motivate younger team members, boredom will quickly settle in.”

But imagine if your role was so out of the ordinary, so strange that it confused and shocked people outside of that industry.

We have collected what we think are the ten worst jobs in the world to people outside of the industry. However, you may be surprised to find out how many of the following employees really enjoy their current role.

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