Morning rituals make us happier and improve performance at work

Rituals – the same thing, done the same way, consistently and reliably – no matter how small, can play a huge part in shaping our lives both within and outside of the workplace. In fact, recent Nespresso Professional research found that of the 87% of workers who have a morning ritual, more than half (58%) say it helps set them up for the day, whilst others say it makes them feel better mentally (38%) or physically (28%)1.

From skincare routines, speaking to friends and family, or making a to-do list, rituals can come in many forms and can be the simplest of things. Research has shown that starting the day with a coffee was by far the most popular, and nine in ten UK coffee drinkers see it as an important part of their morning ritual.

The importance of consistent quality

Coffee has long been associated with our morning routines and Nespresso Professional understands the importance of consistency; recognising the significance of the everyday little luxuries and habits that employees and customers depend on.

There is value in simple pleasures, done right, on repeat. And Nespresso Professional helps businesses to deliver exceptional, unforgettable coffee moments every time – at the touch of a button.


Coffee for every moment

Whether it’s a morning pick me up, the first cup before the start of a meeting, or a coffee shared with a colleague, people say they incorporate coffee into daily rituals to feel happier, more energised, or even for a moment of calm before the day ahead.

With a range of 17 coffees, customers, guests, and employees can explore different coffee moments that always deliver the same high quality and sustainability. This is especially important for younger consumers, who are more likely to embrace variety when it comes to their coffee routine: 28% of 18 to 34-year-olds say that having a variety of flavours improves their routine versus 16% overall.

Convenient and flexible service

For businesses that play a role in morning routines, Nespresso Professional provides premium and tailored coffee solutions. Offering convenience and flexibility to suit each business need, the care continues beyond the purchase, ensuring exceptional quality service from beginning to end.

Guaranteed and affordable monthly subscription plans allow businesses to easily change their coffee selections, anytime. And, all coffee orders are covered with recurring delivery, while Nespresso Professional takes care of the machine including maintenance and repair at no hidden costs.

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