The questions you need to ask when choosing an ATS supplier

The questions you need to ask when choosing an ATS supplier
The questions you need to ask when choosing an ATS supplier

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David Jones

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With technology developing rapidly and HR professionals busier than ever, the recruitment software market has exploded over the past few years.

There are no longer just a few major players in the market; there is now an abundance of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) available and without recommendations, it can be tough to know where to start looking.

Webrecruit knows that finding the right ATS for your business can be a major project, so to help you along your way we’ve compiled a list of our top questions that you need to be asking when talking to potential suppliers.

How is candidate data stored and deleted within the ATS?

After months of build-up, GDPR is finally here and the new regulations come with hefty fines for non-compliance. As such, it’s vital that you’re aware of how candidate data is stored within your ATS and how it can be deleted, whether it’s automatically after a set period of time or via self-serve.

With the penalty for GDPR breaches large, you can’t afford to take risks; ask data security questions early on in your selection process to give you the details you need to make a secure, informed decision.

How many users can it accommodate?

Consider how many people within your business will be using your ATS and ask your potential supplier how many users their system can accommodate. Many vendors charge for extra users so it’s worth bottoming out any extra fees now to allow you to factor them into your overall costs.

Remember to include any hiring managers across the business who may be using your system, as well as users within your HR and recruitment team.

What reports can it generate?

50% of talent professionals and hiring managers cite data as the top trend impacting their hiring decisions, according LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report.

It’s unsurprising; having data at your fingertips will help you make more informed decisions in all areas of your recruitment. With this in mind, check with your potential suppliers the reports that their ATS can generate.

For example, Webrecruit’s Fusion Plus software allows you to generate several reports with the click of a button, such as time-to-hire and equal opportunities, as well as exporting raw data to create custom reports with ease.

What level of support is provided?

To allow you to recruit more efficiently, your ATS needs to deliver. When speaking with suppliers, ask about their uptime statistics and the level of support on offer, as well as any training materials available, such as online guides.

This will ensure that hiring managers throughout your business are supported in the use of the system and it will be easier to obtain buy-in.

What does the candidate journey look like?

It’s tempting to get caught up in the impressive features that an ATS can deliver to your HR team; however, you also need to consider the ease-of-use of the system from a candidate’s point of view. After all, if candidates don’t want to use the system then your ATS is going to be redundant.

When viewing systems, ask to be walked through the candidate journey. How do they arrive at the application process? Is your supplier also able to offer a careers site so your vacancies aren’t hidden away?
Integrating the back end of your recruitment process (your ATS) with an attractive front end (careers site) helps to provide a smooth candidate journey and make a great first impression.

Can you provide recruitment expertise, as well as just a platform?

We believe it’s important to partner with suppliers, rather than them just providing a technology platform.

For example, many Applicant Tracking Systems offer job posting functionality but do suppliers provide advice on which job boards work best for particular roles? Are they able to help you negotiate the better rates with advertising providers?

Depending on your requirements, you might want to consider an all-in-one partner rather than just a standalone technology platform.

Does it meet my business’ core requirements?

This is the most important question of all and probably something you should ask yourself, rather than a potential supplier!

When viewing a variety of different systems, it’s easy to get caught up in fancy pieces of functionality that you don’t need (but look great!) Enter your search with a shortlist of absolute core requirements that your ATS needs to fulfil and stick to it. If not, you’ll end up paying over the odds for a system that’s bigger than your needs.

To save time, before viewing an ATS, ask the supplier if they are able to meet these requirements. If not, cross them off your list.

On the hunt for a new ATS? Find out more about Webrecruit’s Fusion Plus software, accompanying careers sites and digital advertising solutions.


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