Blue sky thinking for workforce management

Blue sky thinking for workforce management
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Harish Rao

Harish Rao

Chief Technology Officer

Your workforce is undoubtedly your greatest asset and your biggest investment. Therefore, in order to make it work efficiently and boost its productivity, effective workforce management is key.

Understanding the resources at your disposal, their skills and availability, will help you plan and implement the day-to-day, make processes slicker and more time-efficient. It will also help you to analyse work patterns and output and identify how best to meet demand for your products or services looking to the future.

But acquiring the right tools to do the job can be a time-consuming and expensive process – in itself a significant investment. Procuring, installing, managing, and maintaining IT environments for workforce management can be a major distraction and a logistically-challenging project. No sooner has it been achieved, then that technology will be on a countdown to obsolescence and another cycle of investment and upheaval.

That’s why at Crown Workforce Management, we’ve been doing a little “blue sky thinking”. Yes, it’s a horrible phase, I know, but in this case very appropriate because our new solution is in the cloud.

With Crown Workforce Management for the Cloud, increasing or decreasing capacity to meet changes in demand is as simple as making a decision and changing some parameters. You only pay for what you need, when you need it. This is especially valuable for companies looking to grow, organically or through acquisition and merger – and whether that expansion means moving from 200 employees to 250 or from 20,000 to 30,000.

One Platform – Many Applications

The agility of the Cloud becomes incredibly useful where you have multiple locations - in the UK or across the globe. By creating a consolidated workforce management platform in the Cloud, your whole organisation can be working to the same principles while allowing for differences in operations, applications and local conditions.

The platform can be used to run the most up-to-date versions of the Crown system – HR, rostering, time and attendance and analytics – all of which integrate with other IT solutions such as payroll and finance. All our software is responsive and can be used on tablet devices and mobile phones making it a fast and flexible option for you and your staff.

Safe and Secure

All workforce data processed by the Crown cloud solution is secured by Microsoft Azure. The levels of security and encryption provided by Microsoft are truly exceptional and will outstrip any value-for-money alternatives you are able to apply on your own premises.

All data is constantly backed up, automatically duplicated, and can be kept at two physically separate locations for extra security.



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