Leadership skills: The future of your business

Leadership skills: The future of your business
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Melanie Wileman

Melanie Wileman

Head of Learning & Development

Are UK businesses developing the leadership skills that can secure their future?

With the 4th Industrial Revolution fast approaching and with the implications of Brexit, UK businesses are facing a future in which the need to increase productivity will continue to be a key factor that determines who has a sustainable future in industry.

There are many techniques, tools and methods to increase productivity, least of all the development and performance of your workforce. To increase productivity means to increase the output of your people, and to do this organisations need to have robust plans and strategies that successfully develop the future skills required to lead and drive higher levels of productivity.

A key area of skills development is the deployment of effective leadership that will help instil a positive environment, where employees feel motivated and engaged, resulting in higher levels of productivity. Organisations embedding leadership skills now, are seeing a brighter future ahead, and a positive transformation to their operations. To embed such skills, organisations need to identify their skill gaps, understand where leadership is lacking, and address how best to fill those gaps with the required skills needed for future success.

By investing in the development of leadership skills, businesses are directly investing in their future and in their ability to be agile, innovative, efficient and focussed.

Melanie Wileman, EEF's Head of Learning and Development, said "UK businesses, now more than ever, need to be aware of the importance of their workforce's leadership skills and the impact developing those skills can have on productivity. We are here to help them secure a profitable and sustainable future."

EEF offers a wide range of leadership courses and development programmes suitable for your entire workforce, from apprentices and new team leaders to experienced executives.

Visit www.eef.org.uk/training/management-and-leadership or call 0845 293 9850.

EEF Case Study

We helped upskill Liberata's management team through a levy funded Management Apprenticeship

The Apprenticeship Levy is now over 6 months old and EEF has been working with a number of our member companies, helping them understand the Levy guidance, register onto the Apprenticeships Service, and plan effectively to spend their Levy funds.

One such company that EEF have been working closely with is Liberata (a company within the OSi Group), taking 12 of their management team and on-boarding them onto EEF’s Level 3 Management Development Apprenticeship.

EEF has supported Liberata right through the process of their apprenticeship levy development: from discussing options within the apprenticeship route, recommending the best approach and training to suit their development needs and business aims, to spending their Levy funds, and planning and delivering the Level 3 Management Development Apprenticeship through our specialist Learning and Development team. It has been a great learning experience for both Liberata and EEF in understanding the requirements and maximising the benefits of the Apprenticeship Levy.

"Liberata are delighted to be working with EEF on the development of their Management Apprenticeships Level 3 and 5. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to provide structured management development programmes to our employees, whilst utilising our apprenticeship levy funding. EEF has supported us throughout the process, giving guidance on managing our Apprenticeship Levy and setting up our digital apprenticeship account. We look forward to embedding the programmes into our organisation and supporting the development of our employees."

Jonathan Watts, HR Director, Liberata

EEF provide a fully managed service to support your training needs and ensure you utilise your levy contributions effectively. Email [email protected] or call 0121 331 3930.



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