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Five takeaways for you to transform your training - now

Five takeaways for you to transform your training - now
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Earlier last year, LinkedIn Learning published the Workplace Learning Report 500+ learning executives were surveyed to better understand the state of L&D.

78% said the most commonly used method for training is still the traditional in-person, classroom model – even though 52% of employees prefer to be able to access learning they need whenever they need it.

Coordinating face-to-face training is hard when you are working company-wide and across physical locations:

  • Managing diaries

  • Booking meeting rooms, equipment and catering

  • Hiring trainers

  • Printing collateral

  • Coordinating attendees and last-minute no-shows.

This resource-heavy approach to workplace learning requires justification.

Employees attend pre-scheduled training, but not at the point of need – they are expected to learn from ppt slides and handouts. Face-to-face can have benefits in the right scenario L&D teams shouldn’t default to this approach over other options such as virtual classrooms.

ZEQR[1] confirms 90% of students think online learning is the same or better than the traditional classroom experience – prior to entering the working world.

67% of people now use mobile devices to access learning, and 87% of millennials say their smartphone never leaves their side. They utilise their devices and learn at that point in time – remembering such information because it is a short, sharp burst of knowledge to retain. The digital shift that has taken place – and that millennials (those entering the workplace) have been born into – means that ‘face-to-face-training-only’ is a thing of the past.

 Our five takeaways:

  • Your business is at risk if this  consumer approach to life isn’t reflected within the workplace and your employees will find an employer that can provide it.

  • As consumers we are fully absorbed by the digital shift that has taken place and yet some organisations lack the understanding that such a shift has created a behavioural change.

  • As consumers we lead the retail market and as employees we self-direct our learning.

  • A day’s training when we don’t need it isn’t going to drive positivity, whereas an online half-hour training session accessible via a mobile, at the point of need, is going to inspire, fulfil and motivate.

  • There is real need for all organisations to transform their training now to ensure staff develop in line with their expectations.

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