Performance | 10 quick strategies for enhancing your resilience

10 quick strategies for enhancing your resilience
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All of us, no matter how successful in our field, will face adversity at some point in our career.

Although often unavoidable, these situations can make or break us. When the pressure is on, the difference between thriving and burning out is resilience.

Resilience is, was, and always will be crucial to high performance. It’s as important as ever. Having resilience and consistently performing under pressure doesn't happen by chance. Below are 10 things you can do to help you deliver when the pressure is on.

Performance Intelligence

When you're under pressure making the right choice is difficult. It requires what we call ‘Performance Intelligence’: the ability to identify the best course of action given your knowledge, understanding of the situation, past experience, and awareness of available resources. Given this, how can you show ‘Performance Intelligence’ when your next challenge comes along?

1. Assess the situation

2. Draw on your past experiences and strengths

3. Learn from others

Emotional Control

Emotions are an essential part of performance because they dictate your energy flow1; however, it’s how you manage your emotions that determines success. So, what’s the secret to emotional control?

4. Develop an ‘inner radar’

5. Adopt the mindset of an objective scientist

6. Use emotions wisely

7. Keep your ultimate goal in mind

Attentional Focus

What you pay attention to and chose to focus on, is a key determinant of success under pressure. But, how do you hone in on something when today’s world is ‘always on’?

8. Be mindful

9. Prioritise

10. Let go

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