Lane4 Management Group Ltd.

Lane4 works globally with organisations, enabling and empowering their people to reach their fullest potential and build a competitive advantage. The company and its award-winning, blended programmes are underpinned by robust research and expertise from the fields of psychology, sports performance and business.

Since launching in 1995, Lane4 has become a leader in the field of leadership and team development, change management, talent management, internal communications and engagement.

The story behind the name Lane4: Having qualified with the fastest time for the 1988 Seoul Olympic 100m breaststroke final, Adrian Moorhouse was placed in the 4th lane. This lane is reserved for the quickest qualifiers because it is thought to experience the least turbulence and give its occupant an edge over the other competitors. Adrian came home with the Gold medal.

This passion for performance lies at the heart of the organisation and its vision, “the aim of this establishment is to create an environment where champions are inevitable”. Their mission is to build winning organisations by making a difference to organisational performance and people’s working lives.

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The employee of the future

The employee of the future

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