Workplace mental health in 2023: What employers can expect

After a brutal past few years, mental health struggles are hitting the global workforce—and their employers—harder than ever before. Organisations everywhere are doing what they can to offer support, but despite their ongoing efforts, 57% of employees report their workplace has a negative impact on their mental health and are unable to confirm the existence of easily accessible mental health support services in their workplace.

What the experts are saying about workplace mental wellbeing

In December of 2022, Koa Health conducted a survey of 500 HR and Business leaders to gather data on what’s in store for employee mental health and wellbeing and how businesses plan to take action to support their staff in 2023. Koa Health also reached out to notable mental health professionals and industry experts and asked them for their opinions and predictions around mental health in today’s workplace. Spoiler alert... nearly everyone agreed on one key idea: The current approach to mental health and wellbeing at work must change for the better—and as soon as possible.


Why employers are uniquely positioned to make a difference

People spend about a third of their lives (90,000 hours, give or take a few) at their jobs. The massive amount of time workers spend at their jobs, paired with their trust in the tools and services employers provide for health, puts employers in a unique position to positively impact employees’ quality of life.

And employers care deeply about their employees’ quality of life—in our survey, employee quality of life was the #1 reason cited by leadership for investing in employee mental health, outranking productivity, and talent attraction and retention.

The world of mental health is evolving. But is your organisation ready? Get access to our extended analysis and discover what industry experts and leaders predict for mental wellbeing in Forecasting Mental Health: Predictions and Insights for 2023. To find out:

  • How other HR leaders plan to improve employee mental health
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  • Why experts recommend employers shift their approach to workplace wellbeing
  • How your organisation's approach to mental health impacts your employee value proposition
  • The importance of technology in improving access