How to Future Proof your Organisation

How to Future Proof your Organisation
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The ‘organisation’ will look very different tomorrow than it looks today.  Technology is moving at pace and our already multi-generational workplaces will become more diverse than ever.

The leadership challenge will also be transformed and may rely far more on emotional intelligence and relational skills that enable Leaders and Managers to engage the will and motivation of a diverse and dispersed workforce.

Yet, despite a broad acceptance that change is upon us Leadership and Management development remains relatively unchanged.  And, traditional programmes just don’t seem to cut the mustard for the modern Leader and Manager either. Our multi-generational workforces demand something much more flexible and accessible and they want it delivered in a way that suits their diverse and very individual needs.

That’s where Notion can help. In January 2018, Notion launched STAR® Manager, the latest technological advancement in behaviour change that is perfect for organisations wanting to stay ahead of the change curve by transforming the way Leaders and Managers are developed.

STAR® Manager is a revolutionary, future proof learning tool that has been designed to meet the needs of a multi-generational workplace.  Using the latest technology, STAR® Manager is a 100% virtual, fully supported, blended learning programme that is highly interactive and experiential.  Learners can develop their leadership and management skills on an individual basis - at any time, in any place, using any device, and at the learner’s own pace.  

To find out more about how STAR® Manager can drive behavioural change in your organisation visit our website or call us on +44 (0) 1926 889 885 for a free consultation and STAR® Manager demo.

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