Employment tribunal cases are surging...

Employment tribunal cases are surging...
Promoted by Employment tribunal cases are surging...

Tribunal cases against employers are predicted to rise sharply, now fees have been abolished. But the way you equip your line managers will make a significant difference to the resulting risk.

It hasn’t taken long for the effects of the Supreme Court decision abolishing employment tribunal fees to be felt in HR departments across the UK.

Just a few weeks after the announcement, HR leaders are already hearing anecdotes of a sudden increase in workload – as staff, who may have nursed a concern for some time now feel emboldened to raise concerns and make a claim.

That’s understandable. The introduction of fees in 2013 was believed to have cut tribunal cases by as much as 70%. Restore that balance, and allow for a backlog of cases that hadn’t been raised in the intervening four years, and the number of claims facing the typical employer could conceivably double, or worse, in a very short space of time.

As employers seek to manage financial, operational and reputational risk, they’ll naturally look to ensure HR policies and procedures are watertight and in line with current best practice.

Get managers into good habits

Are your line managers clear on your company policies and procedures, and their responsibilities? Are policies easily understood and do managers know what they need to do? Are managers keeping records of conversations and meetings?

Well-informed, confident managers

Ensuring your line managers are informed, supported and accountable to deliver your policies is essential. But it’s only one part of the story. They also need both confidence and the right information to take action and nip emerging problems in the bud, before they escalate into more serious grievances and tribunal claims.

The right management information

Treat every case fairly and consistently - good quality management information around your HR policy areas such as discipline, attendance and sickness can help you to identify patterns, inconsistencies and blind spots, in order for you to take prompt and appropriate action.

You can read the full article from Lynne Webster, Client Director at AdviserPlus, here .

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