Why do businesses hire contractors?

Why do businesses hire contractors?
Why do businesses hire contractors?

It is a common mistake to presume that contractors do the same work as permanent staff but simply cost less. Employing contractors should always be a deliberate resourcing decision made to compliment your work stream and capabilities whilst working alongside your permanent members.

We look at four big pros that hiring contractors can bring to your business.


Contractors are best used to meet the needs of sudden fluctuations in work load or short term projects which need extra manpower. By addressing the areas your permanent staff don’t have the time or skill sets for you can effectively employ contractors to fill the gaps purely for the length of time necessary.

Time to hire

Due to the nature of short term contracts, contractors have a good idea of when they will be available and are able to finish one role and start another far quicker than a permanent member of staff could leave their current employment. This makes time to hire significantly reduced and provides an effective solution to hiring skilled staff fast.

Niche skills

Contractors will often have worked permanently for many years before transferring to contracting so tend to have many years of experience in a specialist area.  This is best utilised on projects in which you have a very specific skills gap and require someone to absorb the work with little to no training.


As a result of working temporarily, contractors are generally more flexible around the idea of relocating. Often businesses with far-flung or awkward office locations will struggle to find permanent staff who are willing to commute there or who have the right skill-sets in an area with a potentially narrow candidate pool. In these instances, contractors can fill the void perfectly with a far more flexible approach to working in these locations.

Managing your contingent workforce can be challenging. Visit our managed service provisions or recruitment process outsourcing  services for more information on how we can help.

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Comments (1)

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor
    Tue, 24 Oct 2017 1:32pm BST
    You missed the most important bit: Contractors do most of the work. It might be an unpalatable truth but I assure you, having been on both sides, that in most teams where there are, say, 50% contractors, they are doing 90% of the *actual* work. Partly that's because they are typically given a task and just get on with it, because that's how they get paid and their contracts extended. And partly it's because most employees get bogged down in the kind of 'work' that involves endless meetings, pointless training, office politics, performance reviews, and all the rest of it.