Panel Debate | How can technology help drive stronger employee engagement?

How can technology help drive stronger employee engagement?
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Wendy Melville

Wendy Melville

Head of Marketing

Personal Group

Personal Group

“Technology is a fantastic enabler to increase engagement but it’s not the only answer. We marketers use technology to improve the customer experience and, perhaps unsurprisingly, there are a lot of similarities between improving customer engagement and improving employee engagement. Connectivity is key, with an increasingly mobile population and dispersed workforces, technology has become an incredible enabler, connecting HR to employees, managers to teams and peers to peers. Through technology, including mobile apps, companies can connect with individuals in real time, using reward and recognition tools, apps and engagement platforms to reach staff wherever they may be.

However, technology is just one part and must be balanced with meaningful, human interactions. The authentic and human element of employee engagement is essential to create meaningful two-way dialogue between employer and employee. To drive strong employee engagement, you need to tailor a communications strategy that is both personalised to your workforce, authentic and accessible to all. Making it accessible to all includes ensuring it’s delivered to all your workforce, regardless of their IT skills, age, location or role, and in a way that suits them – whether that’s through an app, delivered face to face, or both.”

Zoe Walters

People Director at Condé Nast

“The way we share feedback at work has radically changed in the last 15-20 years. Everyone and everything is accessible via the touch of a button and there are more options than ever when it comes to choosing the digital tools to support your business, particularly when it comes to engagement.

To cut through the white noise and get directly to employees, we need to interact and engage with them on a regular basis. It shouldn’t feel like a chore either. Being open about the process and acting quickly to address any issues is what ultimately builds greater trust among your people.”

Neil Blagden

Chief Operating Officer at Vodafone UK

“High speed connectivity,digital convergence and the Internet of Things are just some of the ways technology can help drive stronger employee engagement. Technology has an exciting role to play in boosting productivity and paving the way for a more engaged and responsive workforce.

At Vodafone, we have a clear focus on blending the best of technology with the best of our people; and have adopted a ‘digital-first’ agenda across the business. This has included reskilling front-line workers to become conversational analysts and launching mentoring programmes for employees interested in a digital career such as the digital skills programme Code Ready.” 

Chris Murray

HR Transformation & Technology Leader at PwC

“The type of tech that engages people is the thing that makes their lives easier at key moments. It might be the app that allows you to swap shifts with your colleagues at a moment's notice or to immediately locate an empty office for that private call. Simple stuff, but powerful. Social media tools are also becoming more popular in the workplace, with messenger-style helping teams build relationships, collaborate and learn from one another in the process. Yet let’s not forget that engagement is highest in those who are led brilliantly. The ‘human touch’ will be more important in a digital future.”

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