Recruitment | Could your learning management system benefit from a free Unconscious Bias course?

Could your learning management system benefit from a free Unconscious Bias course?

Unconscious bias is one of those strange things that almost all recruiters and HR professionals know that they should probably be making a bigger effort to tackle. However, many of us are looking for the perfect solution. A silver bullet, that will be easy to implement and highly effective and hopefully not too expensive.

Perhaps you’ve been looking for this silver bullet for a while? Well we are not that silver bullet perfect solution. What hireful can offer you is a chance for real progress on this difficult issue.

Progress rather than perfection

It’s not possible to “defeat” unconscious bias. You are fighting against 300,000 years of evolution that has taught us as humans to jump to lots of conclusions. This was a good system when our day to day environment was full of mortal danger. In today’s modern society, it causes us to make lots of bad decisions full of prejudice.

Whilst we would love to “cure” the world of unconscious bias it’s not really possible, especially for a small recruitment software company. That said, our aim is to be “the UK’s most helpful recruitment technology company” and we wanted to make an impact. So we build an eLearning course where the aim is to raise awareness of the issue and teach delegates to slow down their thinking and look for the evidence. These simple techniques can help to minimize the effects of unconscious bias.

Here is a little example of how the course explains unconscious bias to delegates taking the course:

100% free and available to add into your Learning Management System (LMS)

We are not a training company, so we don’t look at this project as a way to make money. We see it as a way of raising our profile and doing something positive for the wider society. So we offer the courses 100% free forever (there are actually 3 different unconscious bias courses).

We had 100s of HR professionals complete our course and the feedback has been super positive. We built a platform that allowed users to create a team and invite all their employees. This rarely happened.

What we had failed to realise is that most of the organisations we were working with, had their own Learning Management System (LMS), so we took the view that we should make all 3 of the Unconscious Bias courses free to import into your LMS.

We have setup a SCORM format course that should be relatively easy for your LMS administrator to add into your LMS.

If this might be of interest to you, we would recommend getting in touch with us (use the link below) and we can look to setup a trial of the course for you and any other colleagues who want to trial it. Once you are happy it will add value and help develop your staff you can talk to us about integrating it into your LMS.

It’s 100% free forever, we just want this course to have the maximum impact possible. If you think this could be beneficial to your organisation then get in contact with us to setup this trial.

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