SUB1000 | A recruitment event for everyday organisations

A recruitment event for everyday organisations

I’ve been to RecFest and heard from some of the most impressive recruiters on the planet.

I’ve been to great events like UNLEASH and engaged with some of the newest tech hitting the market.

But I’ve always thought, whilst these events are exciting, how relevant are they to the everyday recruiter working on their own or in a very small team trying to get recruitment done with a limited budget.

I’m sure whoever is responsible for recruitment at Amazon UK, is an impressive person with an amazing story to tell. I’m just not sure how transferrable their knowledge is to an everyday recruiter at a medium sized organization.


This is why we decided to launch our own recruitment conference, SUB1000. If you’ve not worked it out already this is a recruitment event for organisations with less than 1,000 staff.

As we look to “build back better” after the last 2 years, it will be the small-medium sized organisations who provide most of the jobs growth in the economy. So we want to give this community a voice. The chance to hear from your peers. Many of whom are not typically invited to talk at conferences, but have some great experience and highly practical advice to share.


We launched our first SUB1000 virtual recruitment conference last October with 14 talks over 3 days. We had over 650 registrations and we quickly established that this is a community that wants to be heard.

We are now back for a 2 day virtual conference focused on “Candidate Experience” on March 30th and 31st.


We have scheduled 11 talks over the 2 days, including 4 panel discussions. Our speakers will be covering subjects such as:

  • Delivering a first class candidate experience using data and insight

  • Flexible working, huh…What is it good for? Absolutely everything

  • Predicting the future: How will candidate experience change in the coming years

  • Building a fair and inclusion interview and selection process

  • Lessons we can learn about candidate experience from the pandemic

  • Candidate experience in 2022: What needs to change?

  • How to get onboarding right

  • How authentic recruitment experiences translate to great employee experiences

  • How to engage in-demand candidates

  • How LADbible creates an engaging candidate experience

  • Glassdoor: Irritation or revelation?


Our speakers all work at organisations with less than 1,000 staff. They are experienced recruiters and HR professionals that are keen to share their insights. We are proud to have them signed up for SUB1000 and hope you will join us and become part of the SUB1000 community.


SUB1000 is free to attend and whilst the event is designed for recruiters from organisations of below 1,000 staff, anyone is free to attend. Click the button below to sign up and we look forward to seeing you at SUB1000.

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