Future workforce | The route to a successful and motivated workforce

The route to a successful and motivated workforce

Since March, the workplace has been subjected to massive changes that have seen a revolution in the way we work now and can be expected to work in the future.

The longer term impact of these changes on your people and your business will become clearer in the months ahead. Careful planning and execution of processes, combined with ongoing interaction with an altered (and possibly remote) workforce, will be required to ensure your success and continuity.

A strategic approach to human resource management will be essential for those wanting to recruit new talent and develop existing teams to support the business and deliver results. Your HR Information System (HRIS) should not be viewed simply as an electronic filing cabinet; it is a core part of the HR function used to actively engage employees. Now, more than ever before the use of cloud based solutions and remote access from personal devices will play a major part in managing your human resources through the changes ahead.  Plus, the HRIS should offer more for those organisations that want to get ahead and stay ahead when it comes to a successful and motivated workforce.

Self service and mobile access, along with on-line recruitment and performance management are now in regular use by progressive HR departments. These tools give both managers and employees secure access to view and maintain data, wherever and whenever it suits them. From booking leave, to changing bank details, viewing payslips and applying for vacancies, the employee has immediate access to and visibility of their work life.

The modern HRIS gives the user access to real time data, combined with advanced reporting capabilities; delivering output instantly and directly to managers and decision makers. To deliver a strategic approach to managing human resources, your managers need the right tools to model and analyse data throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Combine anytime access and up to the minute information with easy to use reporting and analysis tools and you will help to deliver effective people management in the changing work landscape. Enhance this with dashboards for a highly visual approach and “at a glance” monitoring of large volumes of organisational data and you are on top of where you are now and where you need to be in terms of your people.

Your HRIS should enable the HR team to develop strategies to communicate and support corporate goals through a successful and motivated workforce. Put HR at the forefront of the business, by driving strategy and planning for the future – whatever shape that future may be.

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