Will risk management improve fleet's safety?

Will risk management improve fleet's safety?

Risk management is a crucial aspect of fleet management. Especially with regard to vehicle legislation, changes to salary sacrifice and most importantly, safety. That’s why Amey, the leading infrastructure support services provider, has appointed Applied Driving Technique (ADT) to implement a risk management programme for its 12,000 car and van drivers.

The appointment was made to improve the safety culture within Amey – and with winter at our doorstep, it’s paramount that staff are educated and abiding to safety standards when they’re on the roads. Workshops will be held in order to update Amey’s Transport Managers on the company’s road safety and duty of care commitments, whilst ensuring that they have required support to aid them in their responsibility for the performance of Amey drivers.

In addition to this, targeted training and learning programmes will be developed based on the results of the risk assessments, the culture of Amey’s business, and clearly defined safety objectives. These programmes will combine a range of learning methods, including e-learning, in-vehicle/simulator training and classroom work, indicating the influx technology has within this sector.

Furthermore, the legal aspect of risk management is often administrative, but ADT’s electronic licence monitoring service cuts through the workload. A grey fleet management service will also be put in place, to ensure compliance.

Tom Lawless, Fleet and Plant Director at Amey comments on the partnership: “We have worked closely with ADT to create a wide-ranging and innovative programme that is closely aligned with our safety objectives. ADT’s targeted, flexible and managed approach means we are able to overcome the varying challenges of different driver groups to maximise results. Moving forward, this will enable Amey to build on its commitment to occupational road risk and ensure we are working with a partner that shares our values.”


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