Costa's HRD: 5 tips to deliver a great apprenticeship scheme

Costa's HRD: 5 tips to deliver a great apprenticeship scheme

As part of the Government’s drive to create three million apprenticeships and double the size of the apprenticeship market to £2.5billion by 2020, an apprentice levy came into force this April.

But where exactly, should HR start? With an abundant amount of information to digest, tons of training providers to choose from and on top of that, ensuring the levy delivers benefits to you, we asked Kate Daines, HR Director UK & Ireland at Costa, for help.

Read on for Costa's answers to the top five HR queries around delivering a great apprenticeship scheme…

How can HR instil a wider engagement of apprenticeships throughout the business?

“For many businesses, apprenticeship programmes are still fairly new and it is vital to share within the business how the scheme operates and the key benefits it can bring,” Daines explains. “At Costa, we have over 1,200 store managers who are responsible for hiring and developing team members and it is fundamental to ensure that they understand the advantage of the apprenticeship programme to their people, their store and the business. We also have to ensure the programme easy to access and administer. We have a huge amount of passion and advocacy amongst management for our apprenticeship programme and this has been the key ingredient to the success of the scheme.”

Who, exactly, can I bring in as an apprentice?

“There is a misconception that an apprenticeship is solely about young people when in fact it is open to anyone. Through partnering with the job centre and a number of charities aimed at helping people get back to work, we have been able to attract some fantastic people who may not have ordinarily worked for us.”

Do I need to work with a provider?

“Since Costa’s parent company Whitbread is an employer provider, we are fortunate to be able to run our apprenticeship scheme in-house, however, many employers do not have this luxury. Therefore, organisations need to ensure their chosen training provider is aligned culturally and that there is collaboration to ensure a quality programme.”

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