Tailoring Fleet for the modern workforce

Tailoring Fleet for the modern workforce
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All companies contend with diversity targets, environmental legislation and the need to tailor Compensation and Benefits packages, including salary sacrifice, towards the needs of their employees.

These considerations are also applicable to fleet, not just to wider business functions – and fleet, now, has to be mindful of employee wellbeing, competing benefits and the fast pace of change.

Paul Gilshan, CMO at Tusker, spoke exclusively to HR Grapevine, explaining how important it is for fleet offerings to be married to the needs of the workforce – not placed upon them.

Gilshan explained that HR needs to employ fleet software the allows them the final say on an employee’s entitlement to fleet – including adjudications on whether an employee is mentally well enough to drive.

“If, at any time, an employee was felt to be mentally unwell, permission to access the system or to request a new car could be revoked.”

It’s this consideration of wellbeing, both mental and financial, that more companies are becoming attuned to. Gilshan also notes that fleet should also be at the forefront of the environmental fight.

With a variety of different carbon neutral schemes and tax-friendly options, fleet is one of the obvious places where financial, and environmental, savings can be made.

“Organisations are encouraged to set limits on the CO2 emissions on the cars their employees can choose,” Gilshan explains, “although the cap can limit the number of cars available to employees, it can reduce the carbon footprint of the organisation.”

With employee and environmental but two of the many considerations HR departments have to consider with all of their company’s initiatives, HR is tasked with managing their employees in an era in which transformation occurs at an ever-faster rate.

However, Gilshan highlighted that fleet is an opportune area in which firms can make clear, to their staff and clients, that it is sensitive, mindful and aware of the ever-changing business-scape.

“Benefits, including car share schemes,” Gilshan concludes, “are anything but archaic.”

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