The weirdest benefits of 2017 so far

The weirdest benefits of 2017 so far

Staff perks are always welcome. Flexible working, child care vouchers, cycle-to-work schemes – the list of what bosses are offering employees goes on indefinitely.

And for good reason.

The benefits of benefits have only really been realised in full by businesses in the past few years. Of course, it’s not a divine revelation that people like to get things for free, but how exactly these perks are being tailored and used is part of a new way of thinking.

Research by recruiter Michael Page found that 82% of Brits think that their workplace benefits packages are outdated nightmares.

Of the 1,000 surveyed, 64% believe that their employer is ploughing money into expensive benefits they don’t want, need or use.

Rather than gimmicks, such as free massages, which were cited, instead 70% want practical benefits.

Oliver Watson, Executive Board Director - UK and North America at PageGroup, commented: “As working cultures become more flexible and dynamic, a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to benefits no longer applies . . . employers need to relax their typically fixed policies and start an open conversation about [them].”

But what about those firms that simply aren’t content with the expected – the eccentric CEOs who thrive on giving their workers a taste of the bizarre? We have collected five outlandish benefits that we’ve come across so far – tell us your favourite in the comments. 

1. Immortal Life

An investment company has offered to cryogenically freeze their employees’ bodies after death – as part of a really intense benefits package. Numerai, a US hedge fund, will pay for all staff to be packed away in an ice vat with the hope of being reincarnated sometime in the future.

Founder Richard Craib explained the “whole-body preservation cryonics” in a job advert. US-based Alcor Life Extension Foundation will be handling all freezing, claiming to use “temperatures so cold that a person beyond help by today’s medicine can be preserved for decades or centuries until a future medical technology can restore that person to full health”.

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