HR will have THIS many staff with mental health problems this year

HR will have THIS many staff with mental health problems this year

HR faces a challenge in getting their workforce to open up about their mental health.

Less than ten per cent of employees feel comfortable discussing mental health conditions to their bosses, research from Legal & General found.

This is a worryingly low number, especially when you consider that one in four will experience a mental health problem this year, charity Mind estimates.

When these figures are applied to individual HR departments, this equates to 15 employees with mental health conditions each year, according to analysis from the Clear Company. They arrived at this figure by using XpertHR’s average median number of employees per HR practitioner: 62.5.

Speaking to us previously, Christina Butterworth, Occupational Health and Wellbeing Specialist at Crossrail, explained why HR needs to know their audience when it comes to ‘selling’ openness around mental health in the workplace.

The construction industry has one of the highest levels of suicide, so it is a tough task to get staff talking.

She said: “We do training sessions to give our staff opportunities as well as doing traditional programmes.

“We’ve . . . developed a very powerful video. It’s a very short video clip. We’ve produced five of them for five key risks and it’s about a man in typical construction uniform, not talking about his mental health, showing how his colleagues can get him to talk about his issues. That’s something we show to all our workforce.

“We also try and get them into workshops around that issue, to help them understand why men don’t talk about these issues. We also make sure that we’ve got lots of resources to signpost where people can get more information.”

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