Fleeting Thought: How HR can combat driver distraction

Fleeting Thought: How HR can combat driver distraction
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We all get distracted – I, for one, can’t get through the day without a BuzzFeed quiz – but when behind the wheel the need for concentration supersedes the want for distraction.

This is a tricky one for HR to monitor and measure, so we spoke to Terry Hiles, Commercial Director at Licence Check. He detailed the traditional sources of distraction for drivers - visual, cognitive, biomechanical and auditory – and how to overcome them.

The answer, according to Hiles, is “awareness”. He explains: “Awareness of the myriad forms that distraction can take and an understanding of the workforce profile in terms of sex, age and the nature of driving undertaken can help to direct efforts to tackle certain types of distraction.

“For example, drivers regularly covering the same routes are statistically less vigilant at junctions and tend to focus immediately ahead; younger male drivers tend to be statistically more likely to eat and drink when driving.” 

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