HR on the weekend: National Drink Wine day, The Glass Menagerie and Love against hate bike ride

HR on the weekend: National Drink Wine day, The Glass Menagerie and Love against hate bike ride

This week has brought a spell of warmer weather, and with that, the promise that spring is just around the corner. Don’t waste this bout of mildness indoors; instead, check out some of this weekend’s most exciting events…

Enjoy: National Drink Wine day

National Drink Wine day – as crazy as it sounds – celebrates the health benefits of wine. Beginning in the US, and now spilling over into the UK, February 18th marks the day to revel in one of the nation’s favourite pastimes. So, whether you decide to catch up with an old friend over some nibbles at your favourite wine bar, or grab that supermarket deal on Rioja (and hopefully some discounted chocolates) – keep in mind that it’s a glass or two of red wine can be good for your heart, so be mindful of moderation.

Sipping on different varieties of grapes is fine at the weekend; however, it isn’t so readily welcome during working hours. This week, staff at Lloyd’s of London have been banned from drinking alcohol during work hours.

Whilst this may be unsurprising for many, traditionally city deals were as likely to be brokered in bars, pubs and restaurants as much as they were in offices or over the phone.

The Evening Standard reports that an internal memo, circulated by the insurance market, reveals the ban was introduced after analysis of disciplinary cases over the last two years, found ‘roughly half’ were related to alcohol misuse.

We spoke to Alan Finlay, Consultant Solicitor at law firm DMH Stallard about the new HR measure: “There are a variety of considerations firms need to factor in before implementing such a policy. Consultation and communication with staff beforehand can make the introduction of a new policy like this much smoother.”

Watch: The Glass Menagerie

Tennessee Williams’ famous ‘The Glass Menagerie’, is showing at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London until 29 April. Staged by John Tiffany, the play has been described by The Guardian as “[swimming] beautifully between realism and dream”. The play is extremely modern, despite being premiered in 1944. The plot centres on a fragile girl, Laura, her mother Amanda and her brother Tom, who is desperate to get away from his oppressive home life and routine job at a shoe warehouse.

Whilst Tom feels restricted to his job, youths’ attitudes towards work have changed. Nearly a quarter (24%) of Millennials have already worked in four or more industries, compared to the majority of 65+ year olds (59%) who have worked in three industries over their entire career, according to research by LifeSkills created with Barclays.

Director of LifeSkills, Kirstie Mackey, comments: “In a fast-evolving career landscape, it’s more important than ever that young people have the right skills to succeed in the work place.  Our research reveals the rapidly changing state of career progression in the UK; the career ladder is dead and young people now navigate a Career Web as they move through their professional lives. Economic, societal and technological forces mean the concept of a job for life no longer exists, there will be more freelance and global working and in fact, many of the jobs that young people of today will do in the future do not even currently exist.”   

Cycle: ‘Love against Hate’ bike ride

This Saturday, IBikeLondon are hosting a ‘Love against Hate’ bike ride. According to their Facebook page, the group of cyclists are “saddling up to show the love for our trusty steeds, spread it through the streets of London. Let's spend one day that's not divisive and filled with hate and instead show some love for each other!”

Cyclists will be accompanied by music booming from their fleet of Disco bikes – that’s surely one way to get your heart pumping on a Saturday afternoon. Not only is exercise an important aspect of the day, but the message that it’s spreading, about unity and inclusion is also encouraging during these uncertain times.

Recently we spoke to Joanna Abeyie, Founder & Managing Director at Hyden, SThree, about how companies can be champion change, starting with their recruitment process: “My advice to businesses is - practice what you preach. Businesses test candidates on their ability to do a job, to solve a business challenge, to help their business grow and to innovate and develop. So, use that same approach to diversity.”

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