13 ways to tell if your employees are looking for a new job

13 ways to tell if your employees are looking for a new job

Whilst the most blindingly obvious indicator that an employee is looking for greener pastures is minimising a jobs board tab when you walk by – most are smart enough to evade this practice at work.

With technology not so private in the workplace, most employees will avoid opening up their CVs on their desktops – however, if you have an inkling a member of staff isn’t happy, their Google searches may be able to tell you so.

‘Job hunt’ remains one of the Google’s top-ranking searches, being searched for 273 times an hour, equating to 2.4 million times a year, according to CIPD course provider DPG – Real Business reports.

DPG recently analysed Google Autocomplete data, to find out the cause behind the dreaded two words being typed in. Their findings shed light on the fact that employees would rather ask Google about work issues than talk to their HR departments.

“Of course, Google has become the first place many people turn to if they’ve got a query or embarrassing problem,” explains Paul Drew, DPG’s Managing Director. “The trouble is that the advice out there is rarely as useful as we’d like, often being hearsay, gut feeling or simply inaccurate.

“HR departments and many managers are trained specifically for dealing with sensitive issues, and cultivating a supportive culture, so people should always feel like they can ask for advice or support if they need it.”

On the next page, the top 13 Google searches DPG suggested led to a job change can be seen…

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