Resourcing | Helping to plan your talent attraction strategy

Helping to plan your talent attraction strategy

If you missed the live webinar presenting the UK Candidate Attraction Survey results, you are in luck as we have a summary for you in this insight.

You can also access the on-demand recording AND bag yourself a copy of the 70-page report.

What the Candidate Attraction report covers

The last five years has seen the UK in-house recruitment market steadily grow each year; however, the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented disruption. The webinar and report share the findings of over 800 responses from recruiters, talent managers and the like on attracting candidates, the sources that provide the best quality and quantity of candidates AND differences between business sectors and company sizes.

Understanding sourcing quadrants

Those familiar with the report from previous years will know we present the data in easy-to-understand quadrants. The sourcing quadrant plots each candidate sourcing channel based on the perceived quantity and quality of candidates it generates.

Where is the ideal point in the quadrant? This, of course, will depend on the types of roles you are recruiting. For example, with higher volume, lower-skill roles you may be willing to sacrifice quality for additional quantity, in which case the lower right quadrant may be suitable for focusing your efforts. Similarly, an excessive volume of candidates can be problematic. Too many applications can increase the administrative burden on recruitment teams.



Report findings

The UK Candidate Attraction Report findings look at the current state of business operations and which channels and techniques are currently being used. Across 70 pages, we report back on challenges, trends and behaviours across the recruitment landscape so recruiters can benchmark themselves across the industry and shape future strategy.

In-house sourcing challenges 2020

The webinar shared the top recruitment challenges for In-house recruitment teams:

  • Candidate scarcity (this has featured every year for the last 5 years).

  • Covid-19 disruption

  • Building a diverse & inclusive workforce

  • Too many applicants

  • Advertised salaries are lower than the market average

What you will find in the accompanying report is a more detailed look at these challenges with deeper analysis across 18 industry sectors.

For our 2020 survey, we added some new data points. We take our first look at programmatic advertising. We also look at trends for this year, which industries are planning increased hiring levels in 2021, and the impact on recruitment marketing budgets?

It’s yours for free….

You can download your copy of the report here, and we will send it straight to your inbox without delay. We hope you find the report a valuable resource for planning your talent attraction strategy for 2021 and beyond.

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