Employee experience | 3 LMS content ideas to engage & motivate your team

3 LMS content ideas to engage & motivate your team

Micro-management, a sense of purpose and anxiety are just a few challenges young employees are facing, based on a latest survey by Careercake.

Each month we check in with our viewers to learn what they need help with and what’s getting in the way of their work and development.

We recently asked them: 

“What’s the biggest challenge facing you right now? (Feel free to rant)*” 

(*The rant part was essential in helping us to get to the real pain they’re facing). 

Our community comprises the younger generation of workers - those who are early on in their careers, have a keen interest in developing their skills, and who want to make a real difference to your business. 

Here are this month’s ideas on what content to add to your online portal or learning management system that’ll help you to engage your remote teams. (For more inspiration, check out Careercake  and our new YouTube series here).

Content Idea 1: Nip micro-management in the bud

We’re hearing of experiences whereby managers - who weren't entirely confident in the people management part of their role pre-COVID - are checking up on teams more often, expecting faster turnaround times, and laying the pressure on.

The challenge of micro-management was the most common challenge from our viewers, and seems to be made worse by remote working.

Try sharing content for new managers to identify if it’s prevalent in your teams, and to show what signals to look out for so you can foster relationships. Both parties in the long-run will thank you.

Content Idea 2: Dust off those career development plans

Projects have been put on hold. Internships have disappeared.  Functions have been made redundant. Your people, in some cases, are doing a very different role to what they signed up for.

They’re also grieving. They’re missing their desk buddies, the tricks they play on one another, the elation that comes when they have the same idea as their work wives.

For some, this has led them to question why they do what they do. They’re losing their sense of purpose.

Touch base with them to see how they can reach the next stage of their career development plan or reassess their skill set to suit a pre-COVID workforce. A good way is to create playlists of around ten videos, curated around their personal needs.

Content Idea 3: Share wellbeing content to help them to work towards solid mental health

Sitting in your room, working alone, in silence. Email responses or Slack notifications from colleagues that are a bit blunt. Your boss has gone quiet.

Working from home can foster the feelings of imposter syndrome, and it seems for some it’s getting worse. The inner critic that was telling them they’re not good enough is getting louder, with viewers telling us this change in the working environment is only making their imposter syndrome worse.

Create a wellbeing hub, with videos, exercises, and maybe a guest speaker to deliver content that’s unique to your employees and what they’re going through.

These are just a few ways to engage your young talent, help keep learning business as usual and ultimately, help reinforce your employer brand.

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