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A shift towards Best of Breed
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Nicola Smart

Nicola Smart




Meeting workplace demands
Over the last few years, we have seen Best of Breed Workforce Management Solutions increasingly chosen over the traditional Best of Suite Human Capital Management (HCM) providers.

Research by Navigo1 revealed that 69% of organisations would rather choose a Best of Breed provider to meet their needs than a suite. It also discovered that 50% more organisations were ‘Very Satisfied’ with a Best of Breed, than those who purchased this as a module of HCM.

With the world of work continually evolving, organisations need more agile and adaptable solutions to accommodate workforce changes, from workforce management systems to time and attendance, expenses management and talent management systems.

Cloud technology is accelerating the move from Best of Suite towards a new paradigm of Plug & Play applications in the cloud.

Simple and secure integration
Historically, Best of Breed applications were held back by limitations with integration, however this is changing fast thanks to modern cloud applications. For example, we share content on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and many other cloud platforms without thinking about the enabling technology that brings them all together.

Web and cloud technologies make integration simple, secure, and in many cases, enable the sharing of data in real-time. Data flows between applications and without the involvement of IT departments or re-keying into different applications.

Similarly, many modern cloud providers provide integration plug-ins to other vendors without the need for any internal IT work, and Single Sign on (SSO) standards have meant that users can log in easily and seamlessly to different applications.

A watershed moment
This represents a watershed moment in choosing vendors for HR systems. HR teams no longer have to weigh up the advantages between a fully integrated suite that didn’t quite meet their needs, versus a Best of Breed option that didn’t quite provide the seamless experience for users.

With next generation cloud HR applications removing this barrier, organisations can adapt more quickly to changing situations, without the costly and long delays required to replace a monolithic application. If a specific solution cannot be adapted to the new way of working, it can be easily replaced without needing to replace the entire HR suite.

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