Roundtable | Is your Management & Leadership Development ready for 2024?

Is your Management & Leadership Development ready for 2024?

On the 24th January, HR Grapevine hosted a roundtable event with Matthew Prisco, CPO and Laura Walker, Learning and Careers Specialist at Hemsley Fraser, all about management and leadership L&D in the new year.

Attracting leaders in the learning space from a variety of industries, the discussion was informative and took a life of its own.

We explored what trends we might expect to see in 2024, the challenges currently faced by HR practitioners and those in the learning space, and creative ways of approaching these issues. Here are some of the key takeaways from the event...

A need to improve digital literacy

Many attendees spoke of having a major challenge around digital literacy, or some of their workforce not having access to technology – such as a smart phone – to be able to adequately engage with learning. This was echoed by participants throughout the session.

The implementation of AI

We wouldn’t be able to talk about L&D in 2024 without talking about the immense impact AI is going to have on this space. How should I be integrating this technology into my L&D strategy? How fast is too fast? What if I get it wrong or the technology changes? These were all questions that arose during the discussion.

With there being so much uncertainty around the progression of this technology, the approach of L&D practitioners was likened to that of a tent and its pegs.

Tent peg metaphor

“Stability and agility don’t have to be different things,” said our experts from Hemsley Fraser. This was whilst describing the need to think of L&D implementation as tent pegs, with a strong, stable structure that still can move whilst adapting to external conditions.

Leadership and management capabilities

Hemsley Fraser identified ten important capabilities managers and leaders need to be successful. These include:

Leading inclusively – evidence shows that inclusive teams perform better, are more creative and have superior wellbeing.

Being authentic – research shows authenticity is associated with greater wellbeing, happiness, engagement, innovation and retention.

Growing talent – the best leaders have a growth mindset for themselves and their teams.

Nurturing change readiness – agile leaders proactively read and act on signals of change.

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Creating purposeful, agile plans – leaders need clear, compelling, and well managed plans to support individual, team and organisational.

Providing direction, clarity and structure – great managers communicate effectively to teams where their role fits within the organisation and how they contribute.

Delivering sustainable performance – managers are outcome focused and pay attention to the short and longer term.

Fostering psychological safety – leaders must create an environment where staff feel safe speaking up and saying what is on their mind without judgement.

Having straightforward conversations – leadership is all about conversations and leaving people to guess what you mean is rarely helpful.

Building connections and relationships – the best managers take time to build and nurture constructive relationships internally and externally, really getting to know those they interact with in the work environment.

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