MasterClass is an online learning platform with videos and classes run by top names in their industry as well as celebrities and major thought leaders. The platform counts names such as Gordon Ramsay, Dr Jane Goodall, Ru Paul and Serena Williams among its teachers. Melanie Steinbach joined Master Class in January 2023, and is Chief People Officer...

Tell us about your role?

I have been the Chief People Officer at MasterClass for eight months. MasterClass is an online learning platform based on the idea that everyone deserves to learn from the best. And so, in the spirit of democratising learning from the best, we've really brought on incredible instructors, from celebrities to CEOs to world-renowned scientists and masters in their field, to teach lessons to anyone on the consumer side. There is also MasterClass at Work, bringing the same spirit of democratisation of learning from the best to enterprises. MasterClass at Work is really one of the reasons why I joined MasterClass

On the MasterClass at Work side, you get additional worksheets and activities to do in group settings - it really is geared towards cohort-based learning. The whole idea that everyone should learn from the best really informs a lot of what we're doing. In addition to seeing all the people programs from recruitment, to onboarding to performance management, culture, office strategy, company compensation benefits, all employee relations, I also had the opportunity as a subject matter expert to contribute internally to our Masterclass at Work.