'Be accountable' | Top three ways HR can fix a toxic work culture

Top three ways HR can fix a toxic work culture

A toxic work culture is very problematic and can lead to wellbeing concerns, failure and even quitting from the workplace. However, is there a solution to overcome toxic work culture?...

The Great Resignation is generally associated with employee dissatisfaction with work pay.

However, this is merely just a part of it of why employee turnover occurs.

Research implemented by MIT reveals that the top reason why employee turnover occurs is: toxic corporate culture.

The research found that this culture is the strongest predictor of industry-adjusted weakening and is ten times more important than compensation in foreseeing employee turnover.

What exactly is toxic work culture?

Firstly, toxic work culture is a flexible term and fits according to the business context and how the employee is facing toxic culture within the workplace environment.

Some elements that play a part in reinforcing and boosting toxic work culture are: failure to push for diversity, equity and inclusion, problems towards employee wellbeing and unethical behaviour.

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The Toxic Five

There are five toxic attributes related to having a toxic work culture, according to MIT Sloan Management Review, which are the following:

  • Disrespectful

  • Noninclusive

  • Unethical

  • Cutthroat

  • Abusive

Facing disrespectful behaviour ranked at the top in terms of toxic work culture with a .66 lower on a five-point scale for their company culture as being equal.

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