The next generation | IBM's Apprenticeship lead talks opportunity and skills

IBM's Apprenticeship lead talks opportunity and skills

When HR Grapevine sat down with Jenny Taylor MBE, Leader of IBM UK’s Early Professional Programmes, it was about an hour before she was due to meet the latest cohort of apprentices. Taking on new apprentices, and welcoming them into the business, is something Taylor has been doing for several years.

Back in 2010, IBM launched its apprenticeship programme in the UK. According to the tech giant’s UK & Ireland blog, this programme is a “core part of our effort to build the next generation of technical specialists and leaders”.

Apprenticeships at IBM

At IBM, there are three main streams of apprenticeships with Taylor explaining that these predominantly fall into the categories of consultancy, technical and sales. These are offered at a range of levels. In the 12 years following the launch of the programme, it is likely that many apprentices have come through the doors during this time.

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