Work from anywhere | What city has the biggest appetite for remote working?

What city has the biggest appetite for remote working?
What city has the biggest appetite for remote working?

New research from Remote has revealed that Manchester has the UK’s biggest appetite for remote working, with over 65% of employees polled stating that they would like to work from anywhere.

Yet, despite this clear demand, only one in five (21%) employees based in Manchester are actually given the chance to work from anywhere – pointing towards a discrepancy between what staff and bosses want.

Moreover, Remote’s study revealed that workers based in Cardiff appear to be leading the way for remote work in UK cities.

For example, 38% of employees here are offered remote policies, which better aligns with the local demand (53%).

Other UK cities with high numbers enjoying work from anywhere policies included Belfast (35%), Edinburgh (35%), London (32%) and Liverpool (32%).

However, as the study identified, there is still a gap between the number of employees wanting to work remotely and the employers offering policies of this nature in many areas of the country.

How could failing to offer flexible policies impact HR?

The above data points towards clear demand for more flexible policies that allow them to work where they want.

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So, by not offering flexible policies, it could increase the risk of losing top talent to competitors, particularly if other organisations are offering these flexible approaches.

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