New Podcast | How HR can support grieving colleagues

How HR can support grieving colleagues

Losing a loved one is something that everyone goes through in their lives. Yet, despite grief and bereavement being issues that all workers will face in time, it is still very much a taboo subject in the workplace.

Today’s podcast guest is Marilyn Devonish, is a management consultant, executive coach and therapist, who recently contributed to an exclusive HR Grapevine report on How HR can support grieving employees.

In this podcast, Marilyn sits down with host Erik Niewiarowksi to discuss how HR teams can address bereavement, practical tips for listening and talking to employees that are grieving, and how HR leaders can eliminate the grief taboo.

More info on bereavement support can be found here.

About Mindler

Mental ill-health is one of the most common reasons for sick leave, with 1 in 4 adults experiencing mental health difficulties in any given year. Offering employees access to therapy can help address and prevent mental health difficulties, and therefore contribute to fewer sick leaves.

Mindler is an online therapy app, providing therapy with psychologists via video calls and self-help programmes within the app. Therapy sessions can be booked with short waiting times, and are conducted online. Self-help programmes are also accessible in the app, which users can complete between therapy sessions to help incorporate things covered in therapy sessions into daily life.

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