Revealed | What makes an organisation a great place to work?

What makes an organisation a great place to work?

Have you ever wondered what employees think makes an organisation a top place to work? Is it having a good perks and benefits package? The ability to work flexibly? Or having a good team to work and collaborate with? There is no need to keep guessing because new statistics have shed light on this very thing.

According to recent research from Ciphr, a whopping 85% of employees can name at least three positive aspects that make the company that employs them a great place to work.

For HR, the insights of this study will be of interest as it highlights the areas that are deemed most important in the eyes of employees, meaning that HR can ensure current practices align with what employees are looking for from work.

Friendly colleagues, job security & flexibility

The 1,006-strong study revealed that ‘good people/ friendly employees’ was the top pick for two-fifths of survey respondents.

A further third of respondents cited good pay and job security (35% and 34% respectively) which is perhaps unsurprising given the impact that the cost-of-living crisis is having on many households.

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