Carving out careers | Why this firm has committed to 5,000 new apprentices

Why this firm has committed to 5,000 new apprentices
Why this firm has committed to 5,000 new apprentices

Many young people up and down the country will be receiving academic results. A-level students received their exam results on August 18, 2022, whilst GSCE pupils are set to receiving their results on August 25, 2022.

Following this, young people will be getting ready to make a decision about whether they progress to university (or higher education), head into the workplace, or take on an apprenticeship.  

On this backdrop, new research from Greene King has revealed that one in five Brits (20%) would consider an apprenticeship as opposed to A-levels if they could, with 45% admitting that their A-levels weren’t essential to their chosen career path. These statistics put the topic of apprenticeships back under the spotlight, with many organisations including, Greene King, offering this route into work to young talent.

Greene King’s apprenticeship commitment

The brewing company and pub chain has said that it will continue to run its apprenticeship scheme, expressing a commitment to taking on 5,000 new apprentices by 2025. This will build on the 15,000 it has already supported since 2011.

The scheme aims to give young people the opportunity to ‘earn as they learn’ about the different aspects of the hospitality industry. The firm said that both entry-level and management roles are on offer for a variety of front of house and back of house positions.

Through the apprenticeship scheme, employees will gain hands on experience working in a dynamic hospitality environment, as well as be able to work towards a series of qualifications as they progress throughout their hospitality career, including Production Chef Level 2 (equivalent to five x GCSEs) Senior Level 7 (MBA) and many more. 

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