A-level results 2022 | How can HR attract school leavers?

How can HR attract school leavers?

On Thursday this week (August 18, 2022), A-Level students up and down the country will be receiving their exam results, before deciding whether to go to university, embark on an apprenticeship, or go straight into the workplace.

In line with this, City & Guilds is urging young people to consider the full range of options available to them so that they can identify the right career path for them after finishing school. These calls come after their research pointed towards a rise in the number of young people in the UK planning to go to university to 40%, a rise from 35% last year.

David Phillips, Managing Director of City & Guilds, said: “As the UK battles against skills shortages, a cost-of-living crisis and with a potential recession on the horizon, it’s more important than ever that young people make informed decisions about their futures.”

Going straight into the workplace is, of course, one of the options for school. In order to attract this cohort into the business, employers and HR needs to know what they are looking for in a role. Below, HR Grapevine spoke to the experts to find out why apprenticeships and training should be part of this offering.

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