Anywhere workers | Could YOU be a digital nomad?

Could YOU be a digital nomad?
Could YOU be a digital nomad?

If you haven’t heard of “digital nomads” yet, then you will soon. Lonely Planet recently polled more than 1,400 respondents ⁠— made up of 67 different nationalities across six countries (including the US, Mexico, Portugal, Indonesia and Spain)⁠ — and conducted with freelancer services marketplace Fiverr, and discovered that more than half (54%) said they now consider themselves to be “anywhere workers”.

It's the logical conclusion of the remote working revolution that accelerated during the pandemic – that knowledge workers, or anyone whose work can be done on a laptop, can work from anywhere in the world. It’s a vision endorsed by Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, who recently declared that the office was “over”, stating: “If the office didn’t exist, I like to ask, would we invent it? And if we invented it, what would it be invented for?&rd

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