Upskilling | These are the UK businesses benefitting from skilled refugee workers

These are the UK businesses benefitting from skilled refugee workers

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This week, between 20 and 26 June, is Refugee Week, which works to educate Brits on the positive impact of refugees and asylum seekers on our society. HR Grapevine has spoken to businesses who have hired talented workers who came to the UK to flee oppression, and their stories are inspiring...

*Fatima was a schoolteacher in her home country, but when she first came to the UK, her qualifications weren’t recognised. Despite the UK suffering a national shortage of teachers, she struggled to even get a volunteer teachers’ assistant role. Since teaching was a vocation, and had been a huge part of her identity, Fatima was determined to continue being an educator in her adopted country. She persisted, finally begging her children’s school for an opportunity to volunteer. Thanks to immense resilience and tenacity, she is now doing a PhD in teaching methodology, while working as a teaching assistant.

Stories like Fatima’s are not only inspiring, they’re also a valuable lesson. What can we learn as leaders and colleagues from the resilience of refugees? Read on…

Refugee Week 2022

Refugee Week was started in 1998 with the vision to help refugees and asylum seekers “be able to live safely within inclusive and resilient communities, where they can continue to make a valuable contribution,” according to its website. The week-long set of educational activities and more is UK-wide and “celebrates the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary.”

“With current skills shortages and need for resilience in organisations, refugees can contribute their talent”

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