‘Connecting us virtually’ | The inside scoop on Sony Music's 'Language Exchange Programme'

The inside scoop on Sony Music's 'Language Exchange Programme'

In the pandemic year, employers and HR have deployed a range of different methods to keep staff connected and engaged when working from home. Whether it’s hosting lunch n’ learn sessions, company-wide talent shows, or after work social drinks, there are many things that employers have initiated to keep people connected. 

One employer launched an initiative that not only kept staff connected in all corners of the globe but gave employees the opportunity to learn a new skill at the same time. In the lockdown period last year, Sony Music UK unveiled its ‘Language Exchange Programme’. Within this programme, employees from more than 15 Sony Music offices across the world were paired and connected to either learn a new language or to practice with a native speaker throughout lockdown – regardless of whether they are a beginner or advanced speaker.

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