PODCAST | How can HR best support managers?

How can HR best support managers?
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According to Achievers Workforce Institute, providing the appropriate level of support to line managers is key. If managers aren’t well supported, they could become disengaged or burnt out and this could have a damaging effect on the teams that they manage too.

In this special edition of the podcast – and part of a series we are bringing to you in partnership with Achievers – Sophie Parrott, Online Editor at HR Grapevine, sits down with Dr Natalie Baumgartner, Chief Workforce Scientist at Achievers, to talk about supporting managers. The pair share insights from Achievers 2020 Culture Report, which suggests that managers have largely felt unsupported during the coronavirus crisis, as well as best practice tips on how to increase the level of support offered to line managers.

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Achievers wants to build engagement that makes a difference. With solutions to employee recognition and employee voice, the company wants to change the way the world works by leveraging the science behind behaviour change to deliver sustainable, data-driven business results anywhere in the world.

Interested in hearing more? We'll be back in four weeks time with the 3rd episode of this new series created in partnership with Achievers.

This podcast episode was inspired by the 2020 Culture Report.

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