PODCAST | Flexible working & burnout

Flexible working & burnout

We all know how possible it is to neglect sleep choosing instead to attempt to cram in a wealth of activities in our efforts to meet all responsibilities and be ever more productive. In fact, 2018 Chemist 4 U research indicated that the average Brit only slept for between 5.7 and 6.8 hours per night meaning that many of us miss out on the recommended amount of shut eye.

It is this issue that will be dissected in HR Grapevine’s first ever HR on the Grapevine podcast. Sophie Parrott, Online Editor at HR Grapevine, talks to Jade Burke, who specialises in reporting on the recruitment and talent acquisition spaces, about the issues surrounding burnout and ‘always on culture’.

They take an in-depth look at one of HR Grapevine’s recent stories: regarding an employee who rises at 3:30am each day to cram in a massive run through of activities before heading out to work. Their discussion will also look at the benefits of flexible working, how prevalent burnout culture is, and who has responsibility to look after exhausted staff.

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