3AM start | Is this the most extreme work routine ever?

Is this the most extreme work routine ever?

Daily routines are often the best way to combat work-life balance. By turning your morning into a well-structured routine, you’ll be able to curate your time without terrible dread of being unprepared for the day ahead – and even schedule in some time for calming meditation or doing something that you enjoy before heading off to work.

However, it’s also possible to go too far and pile more stress on yourself by applying pressure to be productive before and after work. For example, Development Manager at Hewlett Packard, Dylan Ali, recently went viral on LinkedIn after sharing his morning routine, which he claimed starts at 3:30am every day.

Ali claimed that his routine is essential to his own productivity and that its ‘thorough’ nature that allows him “to show up and be the best version of myself for everyone around me”. In a lengthy post, he broke down the routine which he completes every day before leaving for work, which consists of:

  • A cup of coffee

  • Qigong body movement

  • Breath work

  • Meditation

  • Content creation and content consumption

  • Working out

When questioned on why his routine was so extreme, he stated: “Because by the time that I walk back out of my house at 7:30am in the morning I can easily say I’ve accomplished five wins for the day.”

Whilst Ali’s routine isn’t for everyone, he raised a poignant point about the need to ensure that you’re starting your day with structure and a positive mindset. He told one commenter that he dedicated a lot of time to find a routine that worked for him.

“The key thing in developing a morning routine is creating one that serves you.

“My routine is specific to my vision and goals. Mine is framed around four pillars that are my foundation. Yours can be what’s most important to you. Tie your morning routine to your vision for life. This makes it way easy to get out of bed when you’re being pulled to something (sic),” he said.

Ali isn’t the only business leader who places significant emphasis on his morning routine. Many famous and successful professionals have also shared their own ways to start the day, including Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, who is known as an advocate of good health.

From our magazine

He spends one hour on the treadmill every morning whilst listening to educational courses from the Teaching Company.

Presidential candidate Howard Schultz has also made headlines for his gruelling morning routine. The ex-Starbucks Chief Executive revealed his early morning routine to Bloomberg Businessweek, and explained: “I get up at 4.30am every morning to walk my three dogs and work out. Around 5.45am I make coffee for myself and my wife...”

How do you start the day? Let us know in the comments…

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Comments (2)

  • Boris
    Tue, 15 Oct 2019 2:21pm BST
    This type of extreme activity isn't always best though. If the majority of people got up at 3.30am to "work out" there would be a lot of workers asleep by 1pm. People will also feel guilt at this type of post because they're not doing all this, the implication being that in order to be successful you should be doing this. I get up at 6am and my colleagues find that strange, I get into work at 7am, which I am not paid for, but don't actually start until 8.30am. For most of my colleagues mine is an extreme routine, so asking them to get up to work out at 3am would be unthinkable for most of them. I do know a couple of people who only sleep between 3-4 hours per night, so this could work for them, but for 99% of the population staying in a warm bed, especially during a British winter, is likely to win out over an extreme wake up and work out routine.
  • Sarah Blyth
    Sarah Blyth
    Tue, 15 Oct 2019 1:16pm BST
    Just wondering if maybe I might be the most extreme!! I get up at 2:30am most weekdays to walk/run with the dogs and ride the horses before starting work at 7:30 or 8:00 at the latest. This is out of necessity more than anything else if I did not do it I would not be able to fit everything in with a full-time job. I love the early morning solitude though and I start the day feeling energised.

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