Crisis | How HR can support LGBT+ grads amid job struggles

How HR can support LGBT+ grads amid job struggles

This year, a multitude of different things have changed as a result of the coronavirus crisis; many employees have to get to grips with working from home, job losses have spiked and schools and universities had to close their doors, delaying exams and dashing the hopes of many school-leavers and recent grads to get a job or move on to their next step in education.

Recent figures have shown some promise though; in August the exam watchdog Ofqual shared that the number of students accepted onto UK degree courses had risen by 2.9% compared to the results day in 2019. While this offers a positive outlook, earlier this year the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) stated that employers are seeking 32% fewer entrants on apprentice or school leave programmes than originally planned for this year, while graduate jobs have also been slashed by 12%.

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