Lockdown | Quarter of remote staff want to switch firms

Quarter of remote staff want to switch firms

Despite uncertainty surrounding job stability due to the coronavirus crisis, more than a quarter (27%) of those who worked from home during lockdown are considering changing companies, largely due to the way in which their employer has handled the pandemic.

This is according to new research conducted by insurer Canada Life, which found that 23% of those working from home want to switch firms and 23% are thinking about setting up their own business and becoming self-employed.

When considering the elements of their current leadership they would like to distance themselves from, 15% of respondents noted that a key issue was addressing presenteeism in the workplace, whilst 17% stated that employers needed to arrange better home office setups for remote staff.

One-fifth (21%) of workers who have returned to the office wish they’d had more guidance on how to stay protected in the workplace, and another 21% think mandated flexible working would have made their return far easier.

The way that staff have been treated by employers throughout the pandemic is something that has been widely documented in the media. 

Whether this is because a company has demonstrated a strong people-centric approach or because business practices have fallen short of staff expectations, Jo Creswell, former Community Expert at Glassdoor, previously told HR Grapevine that employees are not afraid to vocalise how firms are handling the crisis.

She said that this included “highlighting where their employer has shone and occasions where they don’t believe their employer has respondent adequately”.

How can HR support staff?

Canada Life’s research discovered that to best support employees, business leaders should consider implementing things such as flexible working hours – a quarter (26%) of employees would like to see this as personal and professional life continues to blur when working from home.

Other key elements included enabling access to better mental health support for employees, which 15% stated that they wanted as well as supporting remote staff with upgrades to their home working situation, such as their Wi-Fi connectivity so they can work from home more effectively – which 13% noted was a key issue.

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