PODCAST | How HR can encourage staff to switch off

How HR can encourage staff to switch off

Employees up and down the country are enduring another week of remote working in lockdown.


As has been well-documented, the pandemic has greatly blurred the lines between professional and personal life, particularly for workers who are juggling caring and childcare responsibilities whilst trying to do their job. And in some cases, this has resulted in employees putting in more work hours to keep ahead.

In March, data released NordVPN found that, since the majority of UK businesses were forced into lockdown, remote employees have been putting in an extra two hours per day, which points towards a negative work-life balance. Now that we have been in lockdown for a few months, and as job uncertainty becomes rife, it is likely that workers are still putting in two extra hours per day – if not more. In order for staff to work effectively and productively throughout this pandemic, it is crucial that they get enough separation from their corporate lives – particularly if their new office set-up is a mere two metres away in the kitchen.

In this week’s episode of the podcast, HR Grapevine’s Online Editor, Sophie Parrott, sits down with myGrapevine’s Editor, Jade Burke, to discuss work-life balance during the pandemic. The pair speak about the importance of maintaining a good work-life balance for employee wellbeing, talk through research and share tips from HR leaders about how to encourage staff to switch off after work.

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