PODCAST | Can staff skive due to stormy weather?

Can staff skive due to stormy weather?

Earlier this week, Storm Ciara hit national headlines. The gale, which has been dubbed ‘the storm of the century’, has caused a wealth of rain, wind and intense thunderstorms. This has resulted in travel disruptions, fallen trees and mass disruptions in some areas of the country. While temporary sunshine spells may have convinced you that the bad weather has passed, new information has suggested that it is far from over.

On Tuesday, the Met Office explained that the latter parts of the week will experience a second wave of stormy spells before Storm Dennis brings more unpleasant weather into the weekend. For those that rely on public transport to get to and from work, this is likely to have caused a commuting headache. So, should employers be more flexible and allow employees to alter their working schedules?

In this week’s podcast, HR Grapevine’s Online Editor, Sophie Parrott, sits down with Dan Cave, Head of Content at Executive Grapevine Digital Media to discuss the impact of Storm Ciara on the workplace. The pair take an in-depth look at HR Grapevine’s recent coverage: Storm Ciara: Should staff be able to work flexibly?. Additionally, the pair explore whether employers should allow staff to work flexibly (if travel disruptions are causing problems for their commute), the impact this can have on productivity and the legalities around pay if employees can’t make it into work.

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